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AquaRT Governance

The Round Table Governance aims to ensure that the AquaRT continues to be strategically oriented to deliver towards stakeholder needs as the aquaculture sector evolve dynamically in future, and that the comprehensive, consistent and continuous operational oversight is successfully provided. Thus, the overall governance of the Round Table needs to comprehensively and consistently reflect stakeholder expectations and guide implementation and continuous improvement of the then AquaRT activities. The extent to which the AquaRT governance structure ensures delivery towards stakeholder’s expectations will determine its acceptability and credibility in regard to its stakeholders.

To achieve this, the AquaRT will consist of an annual round table event at which all stakeholders will be participants, supported by a Steering Group which will work as a formal tier of the AquaRT Governance to be involved in decision making. The Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Water Development will Chair the entire AquaRT.

AquaRT Steering Group

The Steering Group is a coordination body that should consist of a core group of (public, private and civil society sector) individuals who are appointed in their individual capacity and for their respective competence to successfully support operations of the AquaRT.

The Steering Group will be chaired by the Director of the Department of Fisheries who shall report to the Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Water Development. Membership, composition and roles of members of the Steering Group and EWGs will be changed every two years.

The main objective of the Steering Group is to ensure the successful operation and evolution of the AquaRT independent of the views, opinions, expectations and needs of particular individuals and stakeholders. It achieves this through managing the progress of five expert working groups, which were identified at the Stakeholder event in April 2018. The AquaRT Steering Group meets periodically (e.g. twice per calendar year). It;

In addition to these responsibilities, the Steering Group will in collaboration with all workings groups;

The Steering Group will physically meet twice a Year but depending on the need, the Group will regularly meet using other platforms such as Skype call to discuss any important matters regarding the Round Table.

AquaRT Secretariat

GIZ-AVCP will avail the secretariat of the AquaRT who will be responsible for: