The Aquaculture Round Table (AquaRT) consisting of multi-actors (private, public and civil society) active in the aquaculture sub-sector will be established to achieve a common goal, thus, devise solutions to challenges that a partner is unable to meet or cannot optimally meet alone. Referring to the common interest that stakeholders have in the aquaculture sub-sector, this platform will in general work towards meeting the challenges and emerging issues and to provide linkages with the emerging cross-cutting policies, plans and activities of national bodies. In the long run, this platform will support a sustainable aquaculture development in order to contribute to economic growth in Malawi.


More farmed fish for everyone in Malawi.


Create and enhance the enabling environment for the implementation of sustainable aquaculture.


  1. Support aquaculture policy and strategy review, development and implementation, so that these are aligned with the needs of the aquaculture sector.
  2. Provide a platform for discussion so that key issues that impact on aquaculture sector growth can be resolved collectively and means to deliver them agreed. This will support the identification of synergies, promote cooperation and eliminate redundancies and duplications.
  3. Create strategic and practical ways of sharing information that can impact positively on the opportunities and growth of aquaculture, both within the aquaculture sub-sector and other agriculture sectors, so that aquaculture and wider players are well informed and well-co-ordinated.
  4. Provide and monitor standards and certification of hatcheries, brood stock and fish feed, so that these meet the needs of fish farmers.
  5. Harmonise and monitor research by the Department of Fisheries, National Aquaculture Centre, Fisheries Research Unit, NGOs and Development agencies so that it meets the current and future needs of the aquaculture sector.